Action for animals

There’s so many ways of taking action for animals. Support our RSPCA rescuers by setting yourself a fundraising challenge, or help wildlife in your garden or school, by getting stuck into an eco project on our crafts page.


Action for animals

There’s so many ways to take action for animals. Support our RSPCA rescuers by setting yourself a fundraising challenge, or help wildlife in your garden or school with an eco project. 

Try making an artwork that will inspire others to help animals, or enter an awe-inspiring animal image into our Young Photographer Awards.

help animals this summer

Keep your pet inside on hot days and cool them off with some  ice cream for dogs

Animal heroes

These animal lovers have been busy helping out the RSPCA. If you feel inspired to do the same, and want the chance to appear on this page, tell us about it by emailing: or by clicking here.

Bethany aims high

Here’s 10-year-old Bethany at the top of Snowdon. What an awesome view!

She climbed 1,085 metres to the summit with her mum and dad and raised an incredible £393 to help animals. Despite the cold, Bethany powered through – along the 30km route to the top and back.

“I have a rescue bearded dragon and snake,” says Bethany. “So I wanted to raise money to help the RSPCA save other animals.” Thank you, Bethany!


You could hop for a mile with friends, cycle five miles with your family, or run ten miles in a month. All you need to do is ask your grownup to register today with your details and let us know what you will be doing!

Super cycler

To raise money for the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield and Bradford Branch, eight-year-old William went on a sponsored cycle. He peddled 160km (100 miles) throughout the summer holidays, and raised an incredible £828.

“I’ve always loved animals,” explains William. “I live on a farm with my dog Rosie. I’ve made friends with the animals and I know how important it is to look after them 365 days a year, even on Christmas Day. Well done, William.

Three times a winner

A mini triathlon is no easy feat! You run 1.6km (one mile), cycle for 11.2km (seven miles) and then swim for 200 metres – all without a break. 

When 11-year-old Lucas decided he was up for the challenge, he asked friends and family to sponsor him to raise funds to help the RSPCA. He smashed his £250 fundraising target too – raising a fantastic £484!

“I love animals,” says Lucas. “So even though the triathlon was hard work, it was worth putting in the effort for such a good cause.” Amazing job, Lucas!


We love looking at your animal and RSPCA-themed drawings, paintings and crafts. To see your masterpiece on this page, send us your work.

Rosalie, 9
Nina, 8
Junaid, 5
Isobel, 8
Ellen, 10
Ella, 9
Charlotte, 7
Caris, 6
Aishwarya, 8