Bob’s new home

Someone dumped this lovable pup from a van and drove off without him! Now he’s loving life as a dog walker’s companion.

Two years ago, Bob was abandoned in Coventry. CCTV footage shows a man letting Bob and six other dogs out of a van, onto the road – then just driving away. 

Luckily, a member of the public saw what happened and called us. The frightened dogs were rescued and we found a place for Bob at RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Centre.

Life at the centre

All the staff at the centre loved Bob’s friendly and excitable nature, but they noticed him acting strangely – spinning in circles and pacing up and down. 

Change can be a bit stressful sometimes, which you’ll know if you’ve changed schools, or moved house.

The same is true for dogs. “Bob’s new life in kennels had caused him stress,” explains Kennel Supervisor Kelly. Stressed dogs sometimes repeat behaviours, like spinning, to help them cope. 

Bob was given medicine to help manage his stress, and staff began the search for a calm foster home, where Bob could settle.

Here’s Bob spending time with Zoe, who works at RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Centre

A special connection

Luckily Angela, a friend of one of the centre’s dog walking volunteers, got in touch. 

She remembers going to meet Bob. “He barked at first, as he was a bit unsure around new people,” she says. “But when we visited the centre’s sensory garden he perked up – climbing over tunnels, playing and exploring.”

Bob moved in with Anglea and her family in January 2022. It took him some time to adjust. But, after two weeks of patience, kindness, and training, he began to feel settled. 

Nothing beats a game of fetch in the park!

A fresh start 

Now Bob’s loving life with his family. He’s formed close bonds with Angela’s children Daisy (15) and Sam (12), who help with his training and help him manage his anxiety.

“He’s amazing on my dog walks too,” says Angela. “If a dog is a bit timid, Bob helps bring them out of their shell. He’s also good at calming dogs down if they get overexcited.”

Though Bob spends lots of time on group walks, he loves nothing better than playing fetch with his owner.

“He loves it when we head to the park, just the two of us,” says Angela. “He’s got a home for life with us and we couldn’t be more proud of him!”