How to make bird treats

These bird treats are energy-packed balls of food, perfect for the feathered visitors in outdoor spaces at home or school. They're cheap, easy to make and birds love them!

Before you get started

What you will need

  • A big mixing bowl
  • 240g of beef suet
  • 240g of seed mix for wild garden birds
  • A baking tray
  • Foil or greaseproof paper
  • Cooker cutters (optional)
  • A skewer or chopstick
  • Natural string



Use your foil

Lay your foil or paper on the baking tray.

Add seed and knead with hands

Add your bird seed and suet to your bowl and knead with your hands until fully combined.

Flatten mixture

Once your mixture is ready, flatten it out on the baking tray.

Make shapes or roll mixture

Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes, or roll the mixture into balls with your hands.

Squash the trimmings

Squash the trimmings together to make more shapes – don’t waste any!

Use skewer to make a hole

Use the skewer to make a hole through the middle of each shape.

Cool in the fridge

Put them in the fridge to cool for a few hours

Thread string through each hole

Take them out and thread string through each hole, but don't tie the ends yet.

Tie your treats to a tree or bush

Find a quiet sheltered spot in a tree or bush and tie your treats there.

Let the birds enjoy

Step back and let the birds enjoy!