How to make pebble pictures

Get creative with pebbles and small stones in this fun craft. We’ve made a bird picture, but you can pick any animal you like! Your finished masterpiece is sure to brighten up any room.

Before you get started

What you will need

  • Small stones and pebbles
  • A few sticks, twigs or pieces of driftwood
  • Thick card (a piece from a sturdy cardboard box will work well)
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue



Paint your background

Pick a background colour, paint your card then let it dry.

Glue your sticks 

Glue your sticks to your background. They’ll act as perches for your pebble birds.

Choose and paint

Choose where you want your bird to sit, then paint their beaks on the background (it’s easier to do this before you glue!).

Glue the pebble birds

Glue your pebble birds in line with their beaks and paint and draw little dots for their eyes.

Add wings

If you want your birds to have wings, glue smaller pebbles in place.

Now, for the frame… 

 Measure the height and width of your picture. Cut 2cm wide strips that match the length and width of your picture and trim them so they slot together.

Paint your frame

Paint your frame pieces and glue them onto your picture.

Ta da!

Paint your frame pieces and glue them onto your picture.

Share your creations

If you had fun with this project, we’d love to see the end results! Send us a picture of your finished craft for a chance to appear on our online gallery.